Steel vs. Aluminum

I am posting a short video clip with pictures of our Undercover System as well as some of the other ceilings on the market.

Our ceiling was engineered as a “Clear Span” system which does not attach to the underside of a deck. We designed the perimeter gutter system to be the support for the ceiling panels. The last photograph that you will see in the video clip is a person standing on two of our panels, resting on sawhorses at each end. There are no aluminum systems that can match the strength of our product and that really is the key to why we are different.
Our engineering specifications require that our material be 22 gauge Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel. Not only is steel 10 times stronger than aluminum it also has exceptional corrosion resistant qualities. This information is included in the blog as a preface to the following announcement.

All of the Under Deck companies that have come into existence since we started the “flat panel” approach to under decks have used aluminum since it was easy to get and easy to form. House type “k” gutters could be bought from any gutter supply or home store and standing seam roof panels are easily found as well.

Our competitors use the aluminum material as a sales feature and we have decided to put that to rest once and for all.

We now have in stock an Aluminum clad, 22 gauge Galvanized Steel product which has all of the strength of steel and the protective qualities of Aluminum. In addition to the aluminum coating, our material is coated with Dura Coat High Durability Polyester one of the finest paint system in the industry and the finish was specially designed for Undercover Systems®, Inc.

Our opinion that Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel is the best product for use under decks has not changed nor has the opinion of Pressure Treated Wood Manufactures. However, in an effort to include all homeowners who are looking at an under deck system, we have decided to include Aluminum in our offerings for those folks that prefer aluminum. Aluminum or Hot Dipped Galvanized – you now have a choice from the Nation’s leading Under Deck Company.

Thank you for your time,