Is There Maintenance Involved With My Underdeck?

The Undercover Systems has an amazing design for the underdeck. The clearspan design that we use takes the debris that falls through the cracks and pushes it out to the gutters, then washes it through the downspouts. The 5– 6 inches of space between the current deck and underdeck allow for this in addition to airflow. We have designed a self-clean to the underdeck, which provides a positive drainage with the underdeck. The debris gathers at the front gutter and washes out through the downspouts.

Occasionally, a small clog could occur. This is rare, but it could happen. You can check if there is a clog by looking at the opening of the gutter that goes to the downspout. If there is debris present, simply push up the panel over the downspout and check if debris is collecting there. It will need to be removed if there is. You can remove it with a garden hose if you place it in the center of the gutter and flush the debris out through the downspout. All remaining debris will be removed, and your clog will be gone.

To keep the underdeck free from clogs, simply take your garden hose and flush out the gutters and downspout. You can do this every four to six weeks. This will ensure that your gutters and downspout are free from any debris buildup. It only takes a few minutes and is easy to do.

Undercover Systems Maintenance

The Undercover Systems provides the homeowner with a low-maintenance product. The underdeck is virtually maintenance-free. The homeowner just needs to regularly use a water hose to flush the gutter and downspout. 

If you are interested in having an underdeck installed, give Undercover Systems a call today!