Deck Cleaning and Treatment

One of the questions that is often asked, especially this time of year, is what can I clean my deck with that is safe for my Undercover System? The answer depends on the type of decking material you have.

It is highly recommended to stay away from chlorinated bleach.  This product is harmful to plants, metals, and is unsafe for the environment. Not to mention, it can cause damage to fasteners; some of which attach your deck to your home.

Natural Wood Decks – Sodium Percarbonate is an excellent cleaning property that is safe for plants, humans and the environment.
Synthetic Decks – We have submitted our metals used on our Undercover Systems® to a company called Corte Clean.  This product is safe for fasteners, the environment. Their website is
If you use a pressure washer in conjunction with any of the above, use low pressure so that you do not raise the grain and damage your deck.
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